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Our organization is supported solely by the donations of concerned citizens, grants, bequests and funds earned at our many events. We provide many services to our community as well as surrounding communities. These services include, but are not limited to: Rescue; Fostering animals for the purpose of providing them with forever homes; Low cost spay/neuter through our partnership with Prevent A Litter (PAL); Animal abuse investigations; and community education.
Donations to our cause are gratefully accepted. Donations may be earmarked for specific functions or to our general fund. Donations may be made as follows:
  • Through the mail donations may be sent to Grainger County Humane Society, Post Office Box 229, Rutledge, TN 37861
  • At our booth at one of our many events: Please click on the News and Events button for information about upcoming events.
  • Through Paypal. Please click on the donate button below to make a donation through PayPal.


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 It is estimated that 250,000 animals are victims of hoarding each year - East Tennessee has seen several serious hoarding cases over the last few months - and officials stress that early intervention is key.
"If we can catch (animal hoarding cases) early, the better we can help the people, and the better we can help the animals," said Young-Williams Animal Center Executive Director Tim Adams.
"It doesn't just have to be a number of animals," she said. "It can be 10 dogs if you don't have the ability to care for the dogs and you're not providing proper medical care."
Officials say the longer people wait to report suspected hoarding cases, the worse it can get.
"It does not take long for cats to produce, and it does not take long for dogs to produce," said Rocky Farr, an animal abuse investigator for the Grainger County Humane Society. Hoarding cases require the services of several agencies, they're expensive and they can take months to resolve. Many hoarders will keep animals under the guise of fostering or rescuing them, and FARR said it is important that the community recognizes they need to "stop dumping animals on them.  It's everybody's problem - not just the little old lady hoarding the cats," Farr said. "We all have to take responsibility."
Report suspected hoarding or abuse of animals to local authorities.
  • Donate dog food to the Grainger County Humane Society or your local shelter. Major name brands are appreciated as they are healthier diets for abused animals.
  • Donate dog houses, blankets, pillows and animal toys to the Grainger County Humane Society or your local shelter.
  • Donations of cash are always welcome to help us with medicines, vaccinations and spay/neuter of intact animals. Click the button at the bottom of this message to direct your donations to this worthy cause. If you need any additional information regarding this serious issue, please phone Rocky Farr at 865-567-0050 or send Rocky an email to timssquaw@hotmail.com


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So you Love eBay!

Go to www.ebay.com.  Look on the right side of the Search box and you will see Advanced in smaller letters.  Click on Advanced and it will open a page with choices listed on the left hand side of the page.  Under Items click on By seller and that will open another window.  In the Enter seller’s user ID box, type GraingerHumane, and then click on Search at the bottom left.  This will take you to a listing of all items being sold to raise funds for GCHS.  Please check it out!  You may find wonderful items “that you really need” at a great price—and 100 % of the final sale price goes to support the GCHS.


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